Mark Smith, is a Porsche archivist and historian, the founder and developer of the PCNAL North America Porsche Locator service and the proprietor of Concours By Appointment a bonded and licensed specialty exotics auto brokerage focusing on rare, low production and unique Porsches.

As the author of the ‘Rare Porsches’ web series he shares his subject matter expertise and proprietary data and documentation on very rare, low production and unique Porsche vehicles. The Rare Porsches websites are the Factbook of record and are commonly cited in books and periodicals, on automotive web sites, discussion forums, and by automobile dealers throughout the world. He maintains a private registry of VIN’s, build specifications and ownership data for the models which are the subject of the Rare Porsches websites and welcomes inquiries from around the world related to these special Porsche vehicles.